Not Everybody Feels Them Necessary

Like so many other things in life, high school class reunions are highly overrated in my opinion. Not that I ever been to one, I don’t think my class ever had one. Not that they would tell me if they had one anyway. Someone was talking to me about class reunions tonight and I just couldn’t share this person’s enthusiasm for this particular social convention. For one thing, not everyone has fond memories of high school. In fact for many people, like me, it was social hell. I was not popular, often bullied and made to feel insignificant or ignored all together. There were only about five people out of the entire school that would even bother treating me like a human being. I’m sure that most of the people in my graduating class has changed by now, but for me the damage is done and I just have no desire to see any of them ever. My scars run deeper than anyone can possibly imagine and yes I have been very close to thr brink many times. Those few that I got on fine with I feel could have been in contact with me if they so desired throughout the years. Secondly, I can spend a lot of money to be in the company of strangers any time I want to by just going to the nearest bar or restaurant, the latest concert, a movie theatre, the possibilities are endless. After so many years passing without contact, strangers is exactly what old classmates have become. People that, even if you did have something in common with in high school, you probably do not have anything in common with now. And lastly, in this wonderful age of technology in which we live I feel that trying to get everyone possible to converge into one place for a day or weekend has become obsolete. Want to reconnect with an old pal? Just look them up online. You can now find old classmates and catch up with them without even leaving your home. If you still feel the need to have a get-together, you can invite individuals who you actually want to see without anyone showing up that you don’t and don’t need to label it as a class reunion, just a gathering of old friends that don’t need to wait for some “magical milestone year”. If you were truly friends, no need to wait 10 or 20 years to reconnect. Just remember, there may be a reason why some people never bother to keep in contact in the first place.


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