Want to Say Something, But Then Again Not My Place

Sometimes people really do overshare pictures of their children online. I may not know the joys of motherhood, but I can see how a parent can be so in love with their child that they feel they must show every moment no matter how mundane. But please for the love of fuck, stop posting naked or half naked pictures of your children!!!

The daughter of my half sister (half niece? quarter niece? niece niece?) loves posting pictures of her baby girl on facebook. Why wouldn’t she, the girl is as cute as cute can be. Sometimes it does get annoying though seeing every little moment, even nap time for crying out loud. But she’s a first time mum in this era of constant connection via internet. I do get worried though sometimes about the amount of sharing she does. Just recently she posted pics of the little girl sitting naked in a little baby pool. Although facebook can supposedly be set up as secure as Fort Knox, things can get hacked or leaked for all to see. There are a lot of perverts out there scouring the internet looking for whatever it is they fancy, even children. But it’s not only the sicker side of humanity that worries me, but the simple fact that once an image is on the internet it is there forever. I am sure that this little girl, like many other children, when she gets older and might come across the image would be totally mortified. This is not as innocent as gathering the family around the old fashion family picture album at a family reunion where the audience is limited. The internet is worldwide. I know of some pictures of myself as a baby that, as adorable as they are, I would not want millions of strangers to see tiny me in all my glory or doing something totally embarrassing.

Sometimes I really want to tell my sister to advise her daughter against such displays, but on the other hand it is not my business. Like the old saying goes, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” Maybe if I had a closer relationship with my niece, it would be different. The girl did not know of my existence most likely until she was a teenager as I had only just met my half sister when I was 29 and she was 35. We were never a part of each others lives before then and still really aren’t now because I live in Michigan and my half sister and family live in Indiana. So yeah, staying out of it may be best, but I still don’t have to like it.


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