Next Time, Read Before I Buy

Saw a sale on some nuts at the shop today. I love nuts but sadly they are normally a tad too expensive for me to splurge on all the time. I spotted some cocoa roasted almonds which I used to get quite often. All the delicious and nutritious goodness of almonds roasted in a bit cocoa powder to quench the craving for chocolate without all of the sinfulness of candy. I bought a couple packets and of course indulged in a handful after dinner. They tasted like I remembered, but then afterwards an aftertaste developed. I don’t remember there ever being an aftertaste before. I look at the back and notice that they now have acesulfame potassium and sucralose. No wonder! I never could stand the taste of artificial sweeteners. I’ll finish these over the course of the next few days but will not be buying this particular type again. Artificial sweeteners is a way of getting people to swear off sugar I suppose but the artificial stuff is an even worse evil. BLEH!


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