Another Reason to Be Jealous of California

Today I learned something new. Nothing totally mind blowing but just a bit of useless trivia. Useless unless you consider moving out to California anyways. They apparently have no mosquitoes. Is this true California? You’re missing out on all the fun of steering clear of perfumes and spraying on repellant while outdoors during the summer, as well as swatting and slapping the little bloodsuckers as they eat you alive. I found this out by overhearing a coworker tell the story of a relative from out west moving to Michigan for the first time. Apparently this relative was freaking out the other night as she was at an outdoor family function while everyone else stood around and probably laughed at her since we Michiganians are old pros at dealing with such things. Makes sense though as our climate is quite moist, and they love that sort of thing. Sometimes living in one place all your life can make you forget that some things like animals and bugs are purely regional.


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