They Owe You Nothing

Saw someone online recently complaining that her favorite celebrity never answers their tweets or bothers following them even though they have expressed many times how much they admired their work. People just don’t seem to think logically. First of all, if that celebrity took the time to answer every person that follows them then there would be no work being done to be admired because they are sitting around answering posts on social media instead. Most of these celebrities that are brave enough to show up on social media have thousands of followers. Secondly, a lot of celebrities only use social media to promote their projects and probably don’t bother interacting with people since they probably get a lot of trolls ruining the experience. Thirdly, I’m sure it gets tiresome reading all of the posts that just scream “PAY ATTENTION TO ME! LOVE ME LIKE I LOVE YOU!” I see a lot of that going around. People spamming a celebrities timeline asking for a follow and recognition looking overly needy. And lastly, these strangers personally owe you nothing. They do not know you from any of the other faces in the crowd. If you get a response then coolness, but don’t expect it.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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