Deja Vu

Today at work, I get a call (unusual in itself) from a lady who starts the phone conversation by mentioning the fact that her son was involved with a program that had been done by someone at the station around at least 16 years ago before the company had been bought and changed names. She asked about a couple of employees who of course are long gone in hopes of having contacts there for networking. There’s only two people from back then that are still working at the station and I am one of them. She then asks about getting her now 20-something year old son a job at the station, telling me his college major and that she is helping him in his job search. Personally I feel that it should be the son calling and not mommy, but that’s just me. I politely tell her that he needs to go to the company website and apply for a job there as is our policy.

What makes this call unusual is this person called about two months ago and the conversation was EXACTLY THE SAME! Every single line was pretty much the same as the last time this lady called as if read from a script. The answer I gave her was also the same answer I had given her the last time she called. And to complete the silliness, I relayed the conversation to the same coworker that I did before resulting in the same gobsmacked stare that I had on my face as I was listening to this lady on the phone.

On a side note, when helping someone in a job search it should be the employment seeker making the call. Having one’s mother make the call for you is very unprofessional and you run the risk of putting off the potential employer. I am all for helping people find their paths and even point out a few doors of opportunity, but it should truly be the one needing the work that steps through that door and make contact.


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