Not the Way to Win People Over

Poor, stupid, out of touch rich guy. Trump wants to run for president but he is already making enemies. He should look at presidents past and present and note how you are not supposed to piss people off until AFTER you’re elected. Just as our current president and all of the ones before him, you need to lull voters into a sense of security and make them think you are on their side and then, and only then, once elected you screw things up royally and make people hate you if they haven’t already. That’s the way politics work. At the rate he’s going, he’s not even going to make it to the primaries. Not that I would vote for him anyways but still.


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One Response to Not the Way to Win People Over

  1. Thoroughly Modern Mommy says:

    I’m already frustrated with how people are talking about the candidates. Here’s what I came up with to cope. Let me know what you think! ~Mindy

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