And You’ve Been Here How Long?

Upon entering the office on Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t help but overhear some chattering from some freaked out employees having an encounter with someone who had been let into the building about 30 minutes or so before I had arrived. I work in the television production department and there is another department devoted to training sales employees. These are the only two departments in the building I work at. The customer service department moved out of there 10 years ago. After 10 years though, people still come up to our office thinking that it is a customer service center. Some are understanding when told they were directed to the wrong building and get directed to the closest customer service center, which unfortunately is a good 20 minute drive away. Other people understandably get upset, some to a scary degree. Apparently, this one guy refused to leave and kept asking questions that none of the employees in the building could answer as it was not an issue that was handled from our location. This guy hung around for a bit but then finally left.

Some of the people were talking about how security could be enhanced, maybe even asking the company to splurge on a security guard, which would be a total waste of money and the guard would be bored out of their skull as we really don’t get a lot of traffic other than the occasional program delivery and training class attendees. I poked my head out from my cube trying to not show how amused I was or that I had rolled my eyes a couple of times. I walked over to this group of employees and pointed out that we do have monitor/intercom boxes located at key points in the building that has remote “buzz in” to open the doors, and have had them for years. Why not do what I do, and use them? Problem solved! Someone comes to the door, you click the talk button and ask the person what they want. If they want customer service you just tell them to look to their right and grab a map and directions to the customer service center. If they are here for program drop off or to see a specific employee, you buzz them in. As simple as that, and what I have been doing since they installed the things back in 2008 or so. They looked at me and commented that that was a good idea. *FACEPALM*


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