Out of Whack

I know I’ve missed a couple of days posting even though I meant to post each day the past week. My sleep has been a bit out of what lately so a lot of falling asleep at computer before I finish going through all of my nightly things I go through and postings and such. What’s worse is that my sleep even when in bed is the sleep for an hour or so and instead of the body’s normal 90 mins of REM then only slightly out of it then back in again I would come all the way out of sleep and stay awake for a few minutes to almost a half hour before going back to sleep. It’s all a bit goofy. Hell I haven’t even checked facebook in nearly a week. I do have a few more car pics to post and will get to those soon enough plus some other stuff as per normal for me. Not sure if it’s the body or brain but whichever it is needs to get back into alignment. lol


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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