Almost Feels Like Being Back in School

Not that it really bothers me too much since I don’t know or follow or have ever interacted with the person, but I just find it amusing that someone on Twitter has decided to block me from liking their tweets. It doesn’t say private account, it says that I am blocked. To each their own I suppose. Reminds me of school though. Even as far back as kindergarten, about age 5 for those who are unfamiliar with the grade, I would sometimes randomly have other kids who I’ve never interacted with before come up and tell me that they hated me, or that I’m ugly, threaten me with bodily harm, or call me any derogatory word that would crop up into their heads. One of the reasons why I have a hard time looking people in the eyes which some misconstrue as being disrespectful or dishonest (can’t win). These kids were many times from different classes or age groups who had no clue as to who I was nor I them. You can imagine my befuddlement when this all started. I considered myself quite peaceful, friendly, fun loving, and full of joy when I was little. I usually only argued, as children often do, with family or friends over stupid things that are forgotten 5 minutes later. Why would some stranger come up to me at random and be mean to me without even knowing me and without me doing anything to them or any of their friends. I wasn’t one to voluntarily pick fights. I got that a lot all through my school years.

So for whatever reason this random stranger has personally blocked me without even ever interacting with me. Not sure what I could have possibly done. Oh well, I’m used to random exclusion from people I don’t know for no apparent reason. Whatever.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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