And The World Continues to Shake its Head at Us

All of the violence that is getting reported lately is very disturbing. The whole world is doing one big facepalm and shaking their heads at the barbarous nature being displayed for all to see by the good ole U.S.A. A country that boasts how civilized it is while at the same time people are at each other’s throats for stupid reasons, put labels on each other, discriminate against others for being different, the leaders are corrupt beyond imagination, help the poor in other countries but screw the poor sick and homeless here at home, everyone pointing the finger of blame at everyone else, and who tries to police the world yet cannot even police themselves. Ever since the first explorers crossed the waters and landed upon these shores, it seems that we have become one big science experiment that is failing miserably. Instead of learning from past mistakes, we keep making them. Is it any wonder we are ridiculed by other countries or have stereotypes slapped upon us? Proud to be an American? I always considered myself to be a patriot, but look around and tell me exactly what is there to be proud of? The best country in the world? By whose interpretation? Guns are not the problem. Drugs are not the problem. Race, sex, and religion is not the problem. Common sense and proper education fled the scene long ago and the chickens are coming home to roost I believe the saying goes. Society here is screwed. Hell in a handbasket. Yeah I still love my homeland, but it is also my constitutional right to look upon things with open eyes and ask wtf is going on?

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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