Not a New Concept

Sometimes I find people adorably ignorant of things. Not calling them ignorant in a bad way. Ignorance is not stupidity, just merely a lack of knowledge about something. I saw someone post today that such-n-such fandom invented fan fiction and fan art. Cute how when you’re young that you don’t think of stuff being done before your generation appeared on the planet. Hate to break it to you kiddos but fan art and fan fiction has been around for centuries. Somebody writes a really good story with interesting characters, next thing you know somebody else gets inspired to write their own story using the settings and/or characters from the book or play that they enjoyed so much or they draw or paint their renditions of the characters. When movies came around, many of those in themselves being works of fan fiction, people began to paint images of their favorite actors or movie scenes. Children would write about going off on adventures with their favorite cowboy or comic book heroes. The only difference between the fan fiction and fan art of today vs. 25 years ago and earlier is that there is now a platform on which to allow everyone in the world to see it…the internet. Before the internet, very little made it into the public eye unless you had the money or the means to get it up on the big screen or in print at the local book store, all with proper copyright permissions of course. Go to any book store and you will see whole shelves devoted to “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, “Doctor Who”, and many more popular movie and television series. All of those are works of fan fiction. So yeah, not a new concept.


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