Helping to Spread the Word

Just like this time last year, A couple of people I follow on social media are holding fundraisers or just spreading kindness overall for good causes and I feel the need to help spread the word a bit. See last year’s story here: . This year, “CumberNinjas” is at it again. This time she is raising money for St. Mungos Broadway, a charity that helps provide a bed and support to people who are either homeless or at risk.

Her original post on tumblr can be seen here:

The JustGiving page for the fundraiser can be found here:

Again, it does not matter where in the world you live or if you’re a fan of our mutual favorite actor or not, feel free to donate if you can to this worthy cause and help give the less fortunate a second chance.

Also, another fun thing to do that doesn’t necessarily cost a thing and was devised by a fellow B.C. fan who had been inspired by the man and his loving nature. People go out and about doing random acts of kindness for others. It’s called “Batch of Kindness” and was so popular last year that she is doing it again. Info and story here:

I don’t normally promote stuff on my blog, but thought this was worthy enough.


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