Scary Tech

A coworker and I were discussing computers today and how they are used for everything. He went on to tell me about his home security system that he has through his cable company that let’s you monitor and control stuff even when you’re not home. Not such a bad thing, I mean who wouldn’t want to keep their property safe while they’re away right? With just a few keystrokes, you can see any and all activities inside and outside of your home and even control your electronics. My coworker said sometimes he will prank his wife by changing the tv channels on her while he is at work. It’s also useful for monitoring the kids when you’re out. And not only can he monitor stuff, but so can the cable company as part of their security package. An alarm goes off and they can alert the police or fire department, whichever is needed.

The thing that makes me nervous about such a set up is that anything that can be run through the internet, and computers in general, are totally hackable. No matter how secure your password is, if someone really wants to get in, they will. Even if it’s not hacked, who is to say that someone at the cable company that monitors your house is honest. Just knowing someone can see me whenever they want without me knowing is kind of creepy. Or maybe someone uses the system to take stock of your belongings and see what is valuable enough to steal. Pros and cons to everything.


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