Cute Critters

Almost had a squirrel in my house again. Suppose that’s another reason why I call one of the residents of the tree in the front yard “Ballsy”. I get ready to get out of the door and on my way to work when I see little Ballsy at my front door! Not this time you little bugger. And I know I should not encourage the critter to be so friendly, but I grabbed a few nuts and, after the squirrel moved from the door back to the lawn, tossed the nuts out for him. I don’t always have stuff for them so their friendliness isn’t all about the feeding. Nothing wrong with an occasional treat. There are two, sometimes three, regular squirrels in my tree. All of them are pretty friendly and don’t scurry away whenever I walk past. The one called Ballsy though will literally walk up and touch my shoes though if I let it. The critter has no fear.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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