Random Observation

Since I do not have cable tv at home, I can really only watch it at work. While at work though, I usually keep the tv tuned to Music Choice which is basically radio on the tv without commercials or djs. If I turn it to actual programs, I would find myself too distracted too often. Sometimes though after work I will occasionally watch a program or two before going home. I do miss some stuff that I used to always watch before I got rid of cable back in 2005.

Anyways, I noticed something strange. BBCAmerica, a channel that was once strictly all about bringing the best of British television and movies across the pond to the U.S. for American audiences to enjoy, was playing Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have nothing against ST:TNG, in fact I grew up dreaming that one day I was going to appear on that show or in a Star Trek movie. Love Star Trek to bits. The problem is, ST:TNG is American, so why is it airing on BBCAmerica? Are they going the say of MTV and SciFi (excuse me, SyFy) and abandoning the types of programs that they were created for? MTV hasn’t really played much in the way of music videos since the early 90’s. They may still have a block of time in the wee hours for music but the rest of their program has nothing to do with music which was it’s original purpose. And SyFy (why the stupid name change?) plays wrestling and other overflow stuff from it’s parent network instead of sticking to it’s original science fiction, fantasy, and horror lineup. BBCAmerica still has a lot of British programming, as they should, but why let the American stuff creep in?

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