Not as Big a Deal as You Think

Across a couple of blogs that I follow, I’ve seen people making a deal out of the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch could be related in some way to both Richard III and Alan Turing who, coincidentally, he has both recently played. I don’t see this as a big thing really if this was true (not saying it’s not true, just not proven as fact to my knowledge). Think about it. England is a small country with a ton of history. Cumberbatch’s family, like many others in England and Great Britain on the whole, have deep roots in Great Britain. Go back far enough into the family tree of any deep rooted British citizen, and you are bound to find at least one person at least related to in some way or other to royalty or other person of historical note, so it’s not a unique thing. Simple numbers really. When you figure the amount of children each generation has multiplied by how many generations pass, there could be millions related to the same person. So even if people are just being struck by the coincidence of this actor’s roles as people he is possibly distantly related to, it’s not really a big thing.

This holds true for anyone having deep roots anywhere. The paternal side of my family for instance has roots here in America with some lines having been traced as far back as the early 1700′s (actually been traced earlier but didn’t show up in America until then) and has pretty much stayed between the areas of the original 13 colonies and eventually moved only slightly west to Tennessee and then eventually dad’s parents ended up in Michigan. Statistically speaking there’s a good chance that, given the area my ancestors migrated to from Europe, I have Irish and/or British ancestry. Check. Good chance of one or more ancestors being involved in the American Revolution. Check. Had family in the American Civil War. Check. And since that side of my family has had deep roots in Ireland and Great Britain before coming to America, another good chance that I’m probably related to someone of note over there. Hell, I already know that I’m related to a Scottish baron during the time of William Wallace along with thousands of other people.

So MEH! 😛 lol


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