It All Depends

Somebody recently asked me if something being age appropriate for their child. I think it was about a book or movie. Honestly, I feel it all depends upon the maturity of the child. Now of course if you knowingly allow a child under 16 to watch pornography then you should get slapped with some handcuffs and hauled away. But no, this was nothing quite that bold and disgusting. For other, more innocent things like scary movies or big complex books, I feel you need to gauge the level of the child in question. Some children mature faster than others. Back when I was a teacher’s aid for a kindergarten class, there was a bright five year old boy who was reading books considered to be at a fourth or fifth grade level while many of his classmates were still what could be considered average and not having read anything more complicated than Dr. Seuss stories. And then of course there were a few who were a bit behind that mentally. And personally, my grandmother (on dad’s side) loved horror movies and sometimes us kids would watch with her. I was second to the youngest out of the grandkids at the time but can proudly say that even at five years old I watched many a slasher flick like Halloween and Friday the 13th totally nightmare free. Some of my cousins on the other hand weren’t so lucky. So just watch your child and listen to them, they will let you know what level their brain is working at.

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