Yeah I Watched It

Yeah, a little slow getting this blog out but you know how it is, get doing something and then something else pops up, and then something else. Would have blogged right after the Oscars but it was too close to bed time. Sundays are usually my early to bed nights. Besides, you all would be thinking all I would be doing would be “blah blah blah Benedict Cumberbatch blah blah blah” You have to admit though that me singing his praises is a bit better than when I’m to the point of wanting to slit my throat and jump into the Detroit River.


I did watch the Oscars last night. I only usually watch when a movie or actor I like is in the running. Unfortunately the love of my life did not win the Oscar for best actor, that honor went to Eddie Redmayne. Eddie is a good actor, and not having seen his movie yet I cannot judge his performance, but he has been beating my Benedict at every awards ceremony this season so it has to be awesome. As always, Benedict is graceful and does not look at not getting an award as defeat. Forever a winner to me anyways, I don’t care what anybody says. That, and I feel that the story that was told in his film, “The Imitation Game”, was more important than any award. I am actually curious about “The Theory of Everything” now but will wait for it to be on video. Speaking of “The Imitation Game”, it did win for best adapted screenplay. Lovely speech by Graham Moore. Best original song went to “Glory” from the movie “Selma”. Well deserved on that one, moving song. “Birdman” got best picture, another interesting looking film to put on my to watch list because, well, Michael Keaton.

I won’t bore you with the full list of results since I’m sure that if you were interested, you would have checked it out by now. Unfortunately no “Cumberbombing” this time, but then again Benedict had done it already last year and then at this year’s Golden Globes. Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents did come out to support their son and just glowed with pride. Beautiful family. Lady Gaga’s performance was very good. I like her a lot but didn’t think she would be a fit for the Oscars but I was proved wrong as she sang a couple of songs from “The Sound of Music” which turned 50 this year. Magnificent. Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t too bad of a host, had a nice opening and a few quick jabs as would be expected from comedic performers. Still some jokes fell flat or were very ill timed, another thing that is normal for award shows.

Benedict, next year baby! With as much talent as you have, there will be limitless opportunities. (Hey, be happy I’m not gushing about his private life like so many other blogs do).


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