What Did I Do?

It is often said that people get what they deserve. How the hell did I deserve this life then and all of its shackles? As a child did I deserve the indifference, contantly being told no or that I was not good enough before even trying, not being allowed to try some things, then there were the bullies, being excluded from things at school and even by family? Every time I tried to break the cycle someone or some thing would push me back down? Even in my adult life did I deserve to be treated like I was? Always lied to by everyone and pushed and pulled in many directions confusing my mind, being discriminated against because I was just another poor kid, and more of being told I was not good enough maybe not in words but in actions without people even seeing what I was capable of? Did I deserve to have everyone in my life constantly destroy my dreams and aspirations. How is it that I deserved all of this? I never wanted any of this, not one single bit. And I did try to change it on more than one occasion but forces work against me every time. Was I deserving to have had everything that kept me going die by the time I was 28?


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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