Let it Go Already!

It’s been a few days already people, can we drop the subject? Earlier this week, actor Benedict Cumberbatch made a very heartfelt public apology for a slip of the tongue that occurred last week during an interview he did on the Tavis Smiley show. We all have at one time or another said a word we did not mean to when our mouths decide to go faster than our brains. People are making such a big deal about it though which is quite annoying. Sure, he used an inappropriate word but nobody is looking at the overall tone of what he was talking about in the interview, they are just looking at the word itself. This man, who does not have one racist bone in his body, is getting skewered needlessly. It’s not as if he pulled a Mel Gibson and went on a totally hate filled race rant. Benedict was discussing the issue of diversity in show business and the fact that non-white actors have more opportunities in the US than in the UK. He has always stood up for people in the minority of society be it ethnic or social. Look at the whole picture people and give it a rest.

Some would still question the use of the term “colored”, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, the man has been running non stop traveling between the UK and US for work purposes sometimes multiple times a week which would screw with anybody’s head piled upon a rigorous work schedule lending very little downtime. Secondly, think about the era in which his parents grew up in. Like my own parents, his grew up during the turmultuous 1950s and 1960s when the word used was commonplace and therefore still crops up innocently in their vocabulary from time to time without malice and therefore is part of his vocabulary that he would normally try to suppress. The poor man is already being dragged through the tabloids enough as it is for things he should not have to have being smeared all over without this added to it. He apologized, let’s move on please.

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