This Ever Happen to You?

Went to see the doctor today for the usual 6 month basic check and refills for my prescription. It started out all normal. Got weighed (lost 4 pounds in the last 6 months despite eating all that holiday crap in December! And don’t laugh at that, I have a crap metabolism that makes it incredibly difficult to lose weight) I am now below 170 which is awesome. 160 would be perfect for a person of my height but not sure if I will ever reach that but 168 is not too shabby. After doing all of the basic routine stuff the doctor gets out her stethoscope to listen to my heart from front and back, then moves it down to my stomach for some strange reason. My regular doc never bothered to listen to my stomach before. Anyways, as she’s listening, my stomach, which had been free of growling for the last couple of hours, decides to really let loose a rumbling growl. I’m sure that as a medical professional, she has had stranger things happen but I just found it quite funny and could only imagine what it sounded like through her sound sensitive piece of medical equipment.


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