Not Necessarily a Resolution

I don’t make New Years resolutions, never have. But I am going to at least try to swear off any and all cookies, cakes, candies, pastries, etc. for the month of January and maybe even February. I don’t normally deny myself the occasional sweet treat but I try to keep the treats to a dull roar or save them for that special time of month when I really must have a chocolate bar. December though has seen me treating myself to tempting goodies a little more often than normal though, especially at Christmas time when everyone decides to give gifts of cookies and candies instead of real gifts. And seriously, who can turn down a pan of my sister’s yummy home made strawberry cheesecake? I’ve had home made cheesecake every year at Christmas since I was a baby and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. I have one slice of cheesecake left which I shall finish off tomorrow, and maybe nibble on some of the Christmas cookies in gift tins on my dining room table, but then once those are gone there will be no more treating for a month or two. Let’s see if it works this year because it got derailed last year with people giving me more goodies.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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