Not Quite the Same Taste

Ever grow accustomed to a specific taste? Years ago, I always used sugar in my hot tea. Then for a while I got out of the hot tea habit for some strange reason, but then about 6 years ago I started back up again as a cheaper and healthier alternative to hitting the pop vending machines at work. Instead of carrying around a baggie of sugar, or a bunch of packets, I started to use orange blossom honey. Still use regular sugar in my iced tea, but the hot tea is always honey now for sweetening. Wednesday night, I ran out of honey but was tired after work so did not feel like making a stop at the store. The next day I decided to slum it and take a little baggie with sugar to work with me. I refuse to use the sugar at work since they tend to leave the container open which allows anything to crawl in, and I cannot use the artificial sweetener packets. I put a spoonful of sugar into my tea and began to drink. The difference in taste is unbelievably noticeable and not very welcome. I made sure to stop at the store and restock the honey. Sugar for iced but honey for hot. Can’t go back.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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