Wow, a Week and a Half Slipped By

Has it really been that long since my last entry? Sometimes things slip when you’re a zombie I suppose. I’m still around though but not exactly sure as to why. Hmm, not really much has happened though aside from the continuing turmoil within my tortured soul that constantly makes me wonder why I’m alive.

Anywho, had a cold for the past couple of weeks. Think it is subsiding now but it started the weekend after Thanksgiving. Seems I always get a bad cold after visiting my sister. Having a house full of children, 4 her own and 3 fosters, plus 2 dogs there is no escaping germs. Not totally blaming the children like it’s their fault, but it is a well known fact that kids pick up loads of germs and it is unavoidable unless you keep them locked away from the world. Schools and hospitals are the two worst places for cold germ transmission. So yeah, ended up with a cold that really didn’t get bad until last week Thursday when my voice started cracking up. By the weekend I could not speak until about Monday. It’s nearly all broke up now but still popping the cold meds to make sure.

Did manage a trek to a matinee last Saturday. Although I could not really speak, the rest of me wasn’t feeling too bad off. Caught the “Penguins of Madagascar” movie. Super cute film for kids of all ages. Not an overly complex story, making it enjoyable to even the youngest viewers yet plenty of stuff to give adults a giggle. Listen for some name dropping. The four penguins from the “Madagascar” movies, with the help of a group of special agents known as The North Wind, must thwart the plan of an evil octopus named Dave voiced by John Malkovich. My man Benedict Cumberbatch voices Agent Classified, head of The North Wind and owner of an overinflated ego. And yes, he mispronounces penguins for the majority of the film. Poor guy is never going to live it down. The movie is great family-friendly mind candy. 7/10

In other news, my aunt in North Carolina is on me again about moving down there with her for some change in my life and such. I keep telling her, and my aunt in Florida who wants me to move there lol, that unless one of them can guarantee me a job, preferrably in my field, there is no way I can afford to quit my job up here in Michigan and move south. As much as I would love to move away from here, I just cannot afford it. I am in what they call a catch 22. No money to move but should move to make better money. My sister is all of a sudden being the encouraging sort and says I should quit my job and move. Problem is dear sister, what would happen if I couldn’t find a job? I’d be up a creek without a paddle and no pot to pee in! It’s wierd how all of a sudden my sister and aunts are so concerned and want to help me, but where were they 20 years ago?

My 66 year old mother, who up until a year ago has never had any contact with computers beyond video game consoles and handheld games, has been embarking upon the world of the internet. She pretty much sticks to playing online free card games, but her reactions to all the stuff she sees in the chat sections is funny. Well funny from the perspective of someone who has been on the internet since 1999 anyways. She’s even made herself a few internet game buddies. I’m often quick to warn her though about the dark side of the internet and how not everyone is as they may seem at first.

While I may never encounter holiday spirit again in my life, I did for a few days indulge in some Christmas decorating at my office this week. Just like the old story about the cobbler and the elves who helped him while he slept, I decorated a bit at the station I work in while nobody else was around. People seemed to like it.

Think that’s about it for now. Be back soon.


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