Are People For Real?

I’m really hoping it is just a nasty rumor floating around on twitter, if not it is quite sad. I have yet to see it first hand. Only tweeted reports from people who have allegedly seen these acts. Apparently there are some people looking to return and/or sell off their much coveted Hamlet tickets just because Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. How stupid is that? If the rumor is true, then we can certainly see what type of fans some people claim to be. Hey, I will gladly take a ticket if someone wants to give one away. I’ve always wanted to see Shakespeare performed on a London stage and always wanted to see Benedict perform on stage. Can people really be that pathetic, or maybe just delusional? Did they expect him to just magically know them and propose to them after a performance? Or do they expect him to be single just because they cannot have him? Or does it ruin their little fantasy world? If you are that type of fan then by all means give your ticket to one of the multitude of people who were not able to get tickets, let them enjoy a quality performance by a top notch cast, and go be creepy elsewhere please. Real fans don’t turn on the ones they admire just because of their relationship status. I really do hope it’s a rumor as it is rather petty and probably doesn’t do much for morale either. Knowing how much he loves his fans I know it would probably hurt him a bit to see some of them turning their backs on him just because he finally found someone to share his life with.


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