Early Halloween Treat Continued

I decided to treat myself once again because what viewing of National Theatre Live’s Frankenstein would be complete without seeing both versions. The synopses is the same in both versions, but what makes them different is the approach Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller bring to their roles as creature and Victor Frankenstein. Where Benedict’s version of the creature is more based upon that of the handicapped or traumatized individuals, Jonny’s is more akin to that of a child in a full grown body. in the opening sequence, Jonny Lee Miller’s creature is not quite as physically demanding an interpretation as Benedict’s yet still gets the point across beautifully as he learns to stand and walk. And it may just be me and my better familiarity with Benedict’s work, but his Victor Frankenstein seems a bit more cocky. I daresay I also detected a bit of Sherlock in the sequence where Victor Frankenstein has a conversation with his dead brother making him think about the ramifications of creating another creature. I cannot pick a favorite version and therefore recommend both highly.

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