Early Halloween Treat

I think I may have done a review on this a few years ago, but it was after watching a very poor quality video from someone being sneaky in a theatre and no justice was really served. Tonight I went to see a legitimate screening of the National Theatre’s 2011 hit production of Frankenstein written by Frank Dear and directed by Danny Boyle. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller in the lead roles of creature and creator who, during the original run of the play, alternated the roles each night. At first I was not going to see it, as you know I’m not in a position to go spending on things willy nilly, but then decided to say screw it and treat myself. The show will probably never make it to DVD and when will I ever get to see the masterful acting of Benedict Cumberbatch on stage, his natural habitat. This would be the closest I will ever get sadly. So I went for it!

Monday night’s viewing was with Benedict as the creature. Let me just say that even flopping around on the floor in nothing but cloth undies, the man is pure poetry in motion. In the opening moments, the creature is “born” and we see him learning how to operate his body for the first time. Doctor Frankenstein abandons his creation and casts him out into the world. The creature embarks on a journey of discovery, encountering nothing but cruelty at every turn along the way, and eventually returns to face his creator with some disastrous consequences.

A wonderful retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic tale brought to life on stage. I see it as a look into human nature, how good can be made bad, and of man’s neverending quest for the ultimate answer. Others may take something different away from it. Highly recommended for those who love theatre and for those who love the timeless story that is Frankenstein, I was pretty much mesmerized. Amazing acting talents, beautiful set design, mood setting music. Definitely glad I treated myself tonight.


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