Some Do Anything for a Story

Some so-called journalists these days have no decency or respect for others. Quite sad really, and I see why the Daily Mail over in the UK is referred to as Daily Fail. Yesterday I saw a message on social media by musician James Rhodes. If you like classical music, I suggest giving him a listen. Anyways, last weekend this man got married and chose to share a couple of photos of his happy day with his friends and fans on social media. That’s what a lot of normal people who utilize social media do, share snapshots of their lives not thinking anyone would bother taking those images and using them in any way, especially if they aren’t all that famous. This man happens to be friends with Stephen Frye and Benedict Cumberbatch and a few other British celebrities who attended his wedding. Of course the Daily Mail jumped on the fact this man has Benedict Cumberbatch in his wedding party. they go and ask Mr. Rhodes if they could use some of his photos he posted on Twitter. He of course said no, that those pics are not to be used by them. They then approach the man’s brother, and again refusal was made clear. The Daily Mail went ahead and published his wedding photos! And to add further insult, which I’m sure Benedict was none too pleased with either as it was his friend’s special day, the magazine goes and makes the story all about Benedict. So not only did they use photos without permission, they downplayed the fact that it was James Rhodes’s wedding and made it all about Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s sad and despicable really the way some journalists and magazines treat people. The man was, well still is, over the moon with happiness and merely wanted to share some of the joy on his social network feeds like anyone else would and people have to go and pull this crap just because some of his friends happen to be world famous and in demand. I never did like celebrity gossip columns anyways. I hope James sues the pants off of whoever is responsible for publishing his photos without his permission.


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