A little poem I was toying with on Twitter while drowsy. Hope it translated well here.


I want to fly away but I lost my wings and my soul is scattered like shards of glass upon the pavement.
Torn asunder with little hope of becoming whole,
just a sad whisper upon the breeze that no one hears.
The reflections in the fragments, each one different, staring back mockingly.
The fragments, each a piece of the whole that has come undone.
The child, the dreamer, the fighter, the lover, the flirt, the sage,
the angel, the demon, the party animal, the quiet thinker,
so many more all lay about trampled beneath the soles of the world unnoticed
The splinters of life crushed to dust and blown away, never to be reborn
Pieces of me, pieces of life, pieces of a world unseen
Take care as you walk along in the dark upon the dusty road,
and say a silent word for the fragments beneath your feet.

–J.K. 2014–

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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