Creepy Dark Parking Lot

Occasionally with my job, I sometimes need to stay at the office after most everyone else has left the building. Many times there is one other left besides me, but sometimes I leave after he does. Tonight was one of those nights. I’ve worked at that particular office for many years off and on so I am not a scaredy cat walking across the dark parking lot. Sometimes though something will catch you off guard. Tonight as I walked to my car, I did not notice until I was near my car that there was another car parked next to mine. Being the only person left to come out of the building, my car should have been the only car left in the lot. Normally if I see another vehicle nearby, I would have just stayed in the building but this car was perfectly hidden by my little car. I felt a little unnerved, but I continued getting into my car anyways. I figured if someone was going to do something to me, I’m closer to the shelter of my car than I am the building so I quickly got in and shut the door. Without staring or making it obvious that I have seen them, I did notice someone in the back seat moving around. The person could have been innocently moving about or maybe he had someone back there with him I don’t know, but I was not going to stick around to find out. For all I know it could have been a young couple out for some parking lot canoodling, at least that’s all I hope it was. I think we’ve all probably done that at least once in our lives. I didn’t bother sitting still in my car waiting to see what would happen next, I got out of there. Still not a very comfortable feeling having a car next to yours when you should be the only one in the lot after dark.


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