Pure Stupidity

Many will argue against me on this, but I am all for the right to bear arms. Any law abiding, properly educated citizen without history of mental illness or criminal actions should be allowed to own a properly licensed firearm for protection. Gun bans will not keep weapons out of the hands of criminals who want to do harm. Like drugs, people will find a way to get ahold of them no matter what. Weapons are a reality in human society for better and for worse and will not go away until humanity goes extinct. Obey the laws and be properly trained in use and safety, there should be no problem. That being said, who in their right mind hands a 9 year old child a high powered weapon? Aren’t there minimum age limits at gun ranges? And even allowing the child in a shooting range, let alone handle an automatic firearm, is plain stupidity on both the instructor’s and parent’s part. You may as well hand over a rocket launcher to a chimpanzee! I’m not trying to sound contradictory here, but really if you’re not old enough to drive a car then you’re not old enough to use a gun.


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