On The Fence

Caught last night’s episode of Doctor Who kicking off the new season. It was okay. Not jump up and down great, but okay. Then again a lot of a new doctor’s episodes are never rip-roaring fantastic and just more about trying to introduce the audience to the new guy. I remember having reservations about David Tennant when he first took the role after Chris Eccleston, but then by his 2nd or 3rd episode I loved him too. Hoping future episodes are better and not as hit and miss as the one’s featuring Matt Smith. Not the actor’s fault though, it was the writing. I am sure at least one will be good as it will be written by Mark Gatiss, who has always written good stories.

I think they need to retire Vastra, Jenny, and Strax as I feel that every episode with these characters could have been so much better without them. I have nothing against new side characters as long as they are written well. They make for weak episodes. There are some who disagree and think these are great characters and that their stories are great, but they are entitled to their opinion as I am to mine. I really find the three characters annoying and pointless and take up time that can be better spent telling the story at hand.

The whole dinosaur in Victorian London could have been done better as well. Once it died the story went on as if it never happened so it seemed kind of pointless. I saw somebody mention the fact that there was an Italian restaurant in Victorian London, though I don’t think a lot of people would notice this little anomaly really. Revisiting the organ harvesting robots line could have been better if there was more time devoted to that story instead of needless padding.

I like Capaldi’s Doctor though, he has potential and I look forward to seeing future episodes and hope they get better.


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