Another Random Question and Long Winded Answer

They asked my opinion so I gave it to them, the long version. lol

anonymous said:

Do you think people have a right to be angry over the fact that Hamlet sold out so fast?
Sorry for the late reply, hell week.

I haven’t seen it personally but have heard about how a lot of people are so angry over the show being sold out so fast, and that most blame the fans of Benedict Cumberbatch for being greedy and insensitive to the fact that others who wanted to see the show next year won’t be able to, and other gripes. Personally I don’t get all the hate. Disappointment that they could not get tickets sure, but not outright anger. Anything with a limited run, be it a play or movie or sporting event or concert, has in it the risk of being sold out. Those spewing hate towards the fans of one of the actors is just jealousy. I highly doubt the theatre expected such a fast sell out despite the high popularity of it’s main star, or that so many of his international fans would want to be making a pilgrimage to London to see him perform. The things said about all of this is plain jealousy and snobbery. Maybe some of those tickets were bought by non-fans who had a little forethought to the fact that the lead is being played by such a popular actor that they had best get their tickets right away. Everybody has a right to see the show, but there are only so many performances to go around and as nice as it would be, one cannot very well ask the actors to put on additional performances just to make sure that everyone gets to see the show that wants to. They would never get to do anything else if that were the case. One just has to hope that the theatre sees the golden opportunity of recording one of the performances to either distribute on DVD/bluray or to various movie theatres as has been done with some other plays. I know it doesn’t compare to seeing a live performance, theatre is always best seen live whenever possible, but sometimes we have to settle for what we can get.


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5 Responses to Another Random Question and Long Winded Answer

  1. I was one of the fortunate ones that managed to get a ticket. I have not been on the receiving end of any anger or abuse from fans, but maybe I’ve just been lucky.

    • DarkPhoenix says:

      OMG YOU GOT A TICKET THAT’S SO COOL!!!!! I hope you enjoy the show :). It’s always been a dream of mine to not only go to London but to see Shakespeare performed on a London stage. Having Benedict Cumberbatch performing before my eyes would put me over the moon for eternity. Unfortunately with the cards life dealt me I cannot even afford a road trip to the next state over :P. Treasure the experience.

      I haven’t seen any hate first hand either, only saw people talking about it on twitter and a few blog posts that I follow. It’s people who are a.) turning their disappointment into hatred and jealousy or b.) fandom bashing from people who believe fandom stereotypes, or c.) people believing that those who bought tickets bought them only to see Benedict and care nothing about the play itself, or d.) the garden variety internet trolls trying to stir up trouble by ruffling some feathers. In any of these cases, it’s all pretty juvenile.

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