Week from Hell and it’s Only Wednesday

Lovely week I’m having, seems to be something every day. I’m not looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week holds. Monday, well you can check out my previous post for that wonderful story. Also on Monday there was the sad news of the death of Robin Williams who I grew up watching on tv and in movies, may he rest in peace.

Tuesday started out somewhat okay with the only problem being that I ran a little late for work. Then of course on my way home from work, I get into a bit of a fender bender which damaged my car but barely dinged the vehicle I bumped into. Some dumbass decided to run a red light causing the person in front of me to stop hard and fast causing me to tap her car. And yes there was originally plenty of space between the cars but sometimes these things just happen so fast without warning. Unfortunately because I was the bumper and not the bumpee I got a ticket even though the situation was unavoidable. Nobody hurt luckily, just my pocketbook when I go to take the car in for repairs.

Wednesday wasn’t as disastrous but still unlucky. I didn’t get much sleep that morning and I felt sluggish all day long. I get to work and my key card won’t open the door. Good thing the two people not on vacation were not out to lunch yet. I wasn’t the only employee with the problem though so it wasn’t an intentional lockout.

Somebody hurry up and kill me already!


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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