Goes to Show How Much They Know

It amazes me how insensitive and oblivious some people are, even family. Earlier I get the following message on my facebook from my sister:

“I know it may seem wasted sometimes, but you are not married & are not tied down with children or caring for a sick or aging parent. You could do things or go places that I can’t or can never do now.”

Well it looks like strangers on the frikkin’ internet know more about me than my own family. Hell two guys in England can probably write my whole biography. I love my sister but I just had to fire back at this:

“Unfortunately dear sister, one needs money to do things and go places, money I do not have. As for not having kids, if I could barely afford to feed and clothe myself why would I ever think of bringing a child into the world and subject him or her to such a life.”

I didn’t sound too ticked off did I? lol I don’t totally blame her or anyone else in my family for not keeping in contact with me for more than just a few times out of the year. We live about a 45 minute drive apart and her and her husband’s work hours and kid schedules make it tough to just say “hey come on over and visit for the hell of it”. Yeah my sister and brother in law have it tough, supporting six kids plus our aging mum is not an easy task. But what I find offensive is that my sister, who rarely has contact with me, would send me such a message without even knowing anything about my situation. Just because I decided not to squirt out a litter of children to support does not mean that I have money to spare and no struggles of my own. Does she also not think that if I was able to, I would be more active in helping support our mother as well? If I had money, do you think I would still be where I am at right now? I would be traveling the world carefree and having all sorts of zany adventures, my mum would have no worries, and my nephews and nieces would be well spoiled beyond belief, but I don’t have money to spare therefore I cannot make any of these things possible. I have no money to just spend willy nilly, I’ve sadly become a paycheck to paycheck type of person. It’s mind boggling the thought processes sometimes. Nobody thinks to look at a situation fully first before saying crap like that. I should have said more but I try to practice restraint, I can sometimes fly off the handle.

Yeah sis, baby sis who always claimed she was going to be the one to make something of herself, be a success in life turned out to be yet another big fat failure in the family tree. Now let’s all point at me and have a laugh at my expense!


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