I Miss Comic Cons

This time of year, I am reminded of how much I miss going to comic cons. I think the last one I’ve been to was the 2003 Motor City Comic Con. That was before I became poor again. Seeing people chirping about the one in San Diego this week got me to thinking about it. Would actually love to go to the one in San Diego, especially this year as there are a few things happening there I would love to see. I’ve often heard that the SDCC is the best in the country, or at least the biggest. The Motor City CC is always good too, may not be as big but it was always a blast. It’s great to go there and watch people walk around in their costumes (some people really put effort into their costumes), artist tables, celebrity chats and autograph signings, and just chatting with people of like minds. It’s a place where even the most professional people can let loose their inner geek without being judged. Unfortunately one needs money for such fun indulgences. Yet another thing I may never enjoy again.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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