On the Other Hand, Some People are Still Dim

Today, yet another person trying to look through the impossible-to-see-through frosted glass doors of the office I work in. Another person can’t get it into their heads that my office is not a customer service center and has not been one in nearly 10 years and insists on talking to someone despite being told five times that there is nobody around able to assist him with his problem. At the store I stopped at, instead of going back to the grocery section to put back the ice cream they decided they did not want, somebody decides to leave the container of ice cream on a shelf in the toy section. Some people haven’t gotten it through their heads that when an emergency vehicle is flashing their lights and sounding their siren that they need to pull over to the side and let them pass when they are fully capable of doing so. My internet has been acting up all night, sometimes not able to get online or when I do it’s not for long.

Okay, grumpy rant over. It’s hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch outside and I have no air conditioning so the heat can make one a bit cranky.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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