Again! Why is This News?

Somebody please tell me how what Benedict Cumberbatch eats is news? Really, nothing else out there newsworthy? Seriously people. And it’s not just sweet Benedict but Johnny Depp as well! Tonight I had beer brats, fresh corn, and pita bread with hummus if anyone really gives a crap! They also make quick mention about Benedict touring a museum. Good for him taking a break and enjoying the area that his work has taken him to. He and Johnny Depp are filming a movie in Boston, why shouldn’t he explore a bit? And a man has to eat like any other. Next someone is going to tell us what brand of toilet paper these guys use.

So much happening in the world such as war, political turmoil, natural disasters, hungry and homeless children, firefighters and police officers saving lives, scientific discoveries, etc., yet some people prefer to put out such dribble as what celebrity is eating where and if they enjoyed it, or who’s knocked up this time, or look who’s walking around looking not too glamourous. Humanity is doomed.


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