Why Did I Ever Listen?

Why did I fall for your promises knowing full well, just like everyone else in my life, you would never follow through? Promises mean nothing to people. They are only words used to pacify or to get others to do what they want. I know this yet end up falling for it. I always seem to fall for promises made by those who I should be able to trust like family (even parents and grandparents), those who were supposedly my friends, coworkers, and teachers when I was in school despite my general distrust of everyone. I know, trust in nobody and you shall never be disappointed. I could probably be happy right now if I had followed my own mantra, yet I should have been able to trust someone right? As a kid I was always taught that promises were sacred things, but promises are as worthless and the word “sorry” and should never be taken seriously. Just another form of control and mindf***king and I fell victim. If people ever told me the truth the universe would implode upon itself.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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