Public Figure Does Not Equal Public Property

As many times as I hear about things like this, it still creeps me out as to the kind of people there are out there and how entitled they feel. Ran across a blog tonight written by the wife of a celebrity. In it, she tells a story of how her and her husband were taking a ride on a train the other day and while the husband was catching a few much needed winks of sleep, a woman decides to snap a picture without asking. This understandably made her feel uneasy, some stranger snapping a picture and probably spreading it to who knows where. This sneaky behavior was once limited to paparazzi, but now with modern technology seems to be everywhere. What gets me is that the people doing the sneaky picture taking actually think it’s okay! I get it, as do the celebrities that fall victim to this act, these people have very public jobs. It does not mean that every moment is meant for the public as if they lived in a fish bowl open to constant viewing. Contrary to popular belief, they are not public property and should be allowed a little privacy. Maybe I might be needlessly protective over people I will never meet in my life, but really, if I was this woman, I would have been having some strong words and maybe even get physical. No matter how famous the person is, they deserve to be treated with the same bit of respect you would expect yourself to receive. Sneaky picture taking is not respect. If you feel that you really must have a picture of the person, go up and ask them. Some don’t mind being asked, just don’t do it if they are having truly private time with family or friends as that would still be rude. If they are doing a public appearance somewhere, then by all means snap away, but when they are “off duty” let them be “off duty”. We all love a little bit of “me time”, even celebrities. Besides, how would you like some random stranger snapping a pic of you without you knowing for who knows what purpose?

You can read this disturbing story at this link:


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