Why is Everything Online

Not meaning to sound like an old curmudgeon, but why does everything have to be online these days? Some things I can understand, it’s convenient. What I find troubling though is having to put up every bit of private information online for things like banking and employment stuff. Sure, paperwork can get lost, but internet sites can get hacked no matter how “secure” they claim to be. Recently my job went through some changes and I had to resubmit the usual information one would as a new hire (been there for years, go figure lol) and it had to be all done online, and we all know how much information government and employers want short of drawing a vile of your blood. It’s unsettling to know that if someone really wanted to, they could find a way into the company’s system and hack away and ruin everyone with a few simple clicks. This is true with banking and other finance type stuff as well, which is why I still stubbornly cling to getting my pay by written checks in the mail. Unless I’m forced into it, I refuse to do direct deposit despite everyone’s claims of convenience and false sense of security. Very soon there will be no such thing as privacy. One day everyone will steal everyone else’s identity and our every move monitored, probably already is monitored. Big brother is watching you. I always liked to keep some things about me off the internet, but it seems impossible these days. I also forsee a day when the internet, and perhaps everything electronic, goes dead and knocks us back into the middle ages. When that happens, there will be chaos and humanity will be lost because we will have forgotten how to cope without modern technology. Another reason to still support your local book stores and favorite authors by buying actual books instead of downloads. Real books need no power supply. I knew that one day we would most likely destroy ourselves, but it seems that our dependency on technology may destroy us before any new world war.

I know sometimes I come across as anti-technology, but that is not the case. I use it daily as well. Just as I feel that cramming as much special effects into a movie doesn’t necessarily make a good movie, being totally dependent on the trappings of technology does not necessarily make for a great species.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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