People Doing Good

I know I normally have a naturally bleak outlook on life, but sometimes I do see positive things. One of the people I follow on Tumblr and Twitter, a fellow member of the CumberCollective (fans of Benedict Cumberbatch) and all around wonderful person, is currently raising money for the Mental Health Foundation and I thought I would promote this cause here on my wordpress page as well. I know I don’t normally promote stuff on this blog, but some things should be sometimes.

Like so many in the Collective, “CumberNinjas” was so inspired by the giving and charitable nature of Benedict Cumberbatch, who always insists to his fans that instead of lavishing him with gifts to instead put that money to a good cause. Many of his fans do just that by raising money for various charities in his honor, especially around his birthday. And what a fine birthday present it is to have people doing nice things for others because of you.

Her original post on tumblr can be seen here:

The JustGiving page for the fundraiser can be found here:
Does not matter where in the world you live or if you’re a fan of our mutual favorite actor or not. Feel free to donate to this worthy cause to help those living with mental health issues by giving them, and those supporting them, access to information and treatment.


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