Hmmm Random Observations

Do people realize just how much money, and how many trees, a restaurant could save if they did not put down those useless advertisement or child activity sheets on food trays?

Another point I saw brought up on Tumblr one day: It seems the majority of ads for yogurt is geared towards women. I think many men out there in the world enjoy yogurt just as much as women who enjoy the stuff. I also think it would do a man just as good to eat it as it does a woman.

Something else I observed. I’ve been listening to “Mansfield Park”, a story by Jane Austen, on the internet. Was it really a thing in English society in the 1800s to be in love with one’s cousin?

Why do people live to piss me off and/or stress me out?

Why in many Walmart stores are people literal walking stereotypes of the Walmart shopper?

Does it not make sense for a business to use one’s own resources rather than outsource since you’re already paying one person who is more than capable of doing the job, and willing?

Why is it people are so judgemental of others?


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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