Third Star to the Right…

Don’t correct me on the title, it’s a movie reference that a few might get. This morning I had to help decide to end the suffering of a friend. Not something I wanted to have to deal with considering all the other crap going on in my brain these many years. Unlike the movie though, my little buddy was unable to ask vocally to end his suffering. Loki became ill a few months ago and was not getting any better. It was getting hard for him to move around and his breathing was labored. He could no longer hop up onto furniture or a lap, he became very inactive, and sometimes did not eat very much. The vet said that he could be put on medication but his quality of life would still be bad and suffering only prolonged.


I shall miss my secondary alarm clock, the talkbacks, the paws on my leg demanding kitty cuddle time, the thud of a mischievous cat leaping onto the back of my computer chair, and the fuzzy face greeting me when I come home from work. People who never owned a pet may not understand how one can get so attached to companion animals. For pet owners, they can be just as important as their two legged friends. I’m not one given to sentiment, I have stated my views on death before on this blog, but he will be dearly missed.

RIP Loki 4/1/01 - 5/6/14

RIP Loki
4/1/01 – 5/6/14


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