Not Really Embarrassing

Someone asked me this earlier in the week on a board I frequent. The asker was anonymous of course:

What’s the most embarrassing song do you have on your Ipod? What is the most embarrassing movie do you own?
by Anonymous

A double ask tonight eh?
Well, to answer your first question, I don’t have an Ipod. I am probably the only person in the world that does not have some modern and compact technical marvel in which to digitally carry music on. I still rely on CDs that play in a CD player or on computer. I also still have a lot of old cassette tapes but those are boxed up right now. None of them in my eyes would be embarrassing considering I listen to anything depending on my mood. Some days I want light, some days I want heavy, some days I want funny, some days I want deep, some days I want modern, some days classical. Some people may frown upon the South Park album I have on CD perhaps, that one does kinda stick out like a sore thumb against all of my other selections lol.

Second question was an embarrassing movie that I own. As with my music, my movie tastes are varied and I own what I like. Very few people give me a movie I would not watch either. Most of my movies are adventure and scifi with the occasional drama or thriller thrown into the mix as well as some comedy and a few Disney animated films on VHS. Yes, I still have VHS, only jumped on the DVD bandwagon around 2005 or so and even then I still watched VHS tapes as well up until 2009 when the VCR went kapoot,. Still need to get my VHS tapes transferred as I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on DVDs of movies I have on VHS. I would love to watch my Star Trek films collection again. I suppose the most embarrassing movie I own, and this would be strictly a matter of it being a children’s film, is The Last Unicorn on VHS. I am not ashamed of owning it though as I loved that movie, which is why I bought it.

Hope this satisfied your curiosity. Sorry about all the waffling, but I excel at waffling.


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