Batman or Superman?

Someone asked me this earlier in the week on a board I frequent. The asker was anonymous of course:

Batman or Superman?
by Anonymous

Hey sorry took me a couple days here, been busy for a change lol.
Out of these two heroes, I prefer Batman. With Batman, there is the element of danger that comes with the fact that he is a regular human being and can be hurt or killed. Sure, in the majority of superhero comics, the superhero will most likely be the victor in the story but there is the suspense of “What if he or she doesn’t make it this time?” that helps keep the audience interested. Also, Batman has his flaws, he is not perfect and is bound to make a mistake and must deal with it in a human matter. He has a dark and mysterious side to add to his appeal and is not always a goody two-shoes. Being behind a mask, he has anonymity, he can be anybody. And of course there is the cool gadgets he uses to aid him in his fight against crime and injustice.

Don’t get me wrong, Superman is great too, but he is a bit too perfect. He’s pretty much indestructible therefore he is always going to come out on top. Not many obstacles that he cannot overcome easily. Nothing can harm him and is only weakened by a rare mineral from the shattered ruins of his homeworld far away. He has very few, if any, character flaws. Even as a kid I found it odd how nobody figures out that Superman is Clark Kent without glasses, lamest disguise ever.


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  1. Logan Pita says:

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