One Day Out of the Office

Hello! Yeah, still around. Haven’t had too much to say lately, just been a wierd week. That and my sleep schedule went a little screwy. Haven’t been sleeping well. Wednesday didn’t help matters much, but can’t complain there too much. That day, I had to force myself to go to bed before 11pm on Tuesday to be up by 4am Wednesday morning. I usually go to bed around 3am on a normal work day.

Anyways, Wednesday I actually got to work away from the office for a day. Something I have not been able to do in a few years. I hate offices really and when I was younger vowed never to tie myself down to a desk, but sometimes we need to do these things out of necessity of survival instead of chasing what we were truly meant to be. It was time to shake off a little rust and operate a camera on a shoot up at the state capitol building. Nothing exciting mind you, just talking heads, but it was something. Long gone are the days of the department doing the fun stuff like sports and concerts, usually when they do actualy do stuff it’s talking head stuff. I usually don’t even get to do that stuff now but I guess my coworkers couldn’t find anyone else to fill the spot lol I don’t know, I often feel invisible unless someone is desperate.

The state capitol building in Lansing is quite a beautiful place. I would have taken my digital camera to take some pictures but really wouldn’t have had the time with me being there to do actual work. The design of the place is very much inspired by the capitol building in Washington D.C. with the decor inside being very typical 1800s style. I’ve been there once before nearly 20 years ago. One of my former bosses and boss over him and another coworker went up there, don’t remember the actual purpose. Maybe it was just an outing since my boss knew I never really got out of the Detroit area much other than the occasional excursion to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio when I was a kid. The boss loved government stuff. We did the whole tour of the building which I found interesting. I like history, art, and pretty historic buildings.

Wednesday’s shoot may not have been too exciting, but it felt good to not be sitting at a desk staring into a computer all day. Being behind a camera was the other thing in my life I was good at next to being in front of a camera or on a stage. My aching foot didn’t let me down either, the one that’s been hurting me for a few months, I was even able to go without my special foot insert for a few hours. I was back in my element for a little bit. Not sure if it will happen again as we don’t do too much.

Did learn a few things on the shoot. First I learned that Michigan roads are the worst in the country. Hang on, already knew that one. That was one of the big topics discussed on the program being recorded. Anyone who has ever driven in Michigan though knows that, even in the suburbs, there is no way to avoid big potholes and damage to your car from said potholes. The state is in dire need of fixing them but no money to do so and no idea where to get the money from without making cuts elsewhere or raising taxes, neither of which are good options. The roads and bridges here have been crumbling for more than a decade. I blame it on them going cheap on materials in the first place. They need to use stuff that is proven to last for more than a year when paving roads. Our weather here can be quite goofy which any kid in middle school could tell you causes a lot of expanding and contracting of the ground throughout a year. Add loads of traffic and traffic with heavy loads and you have more wear and tear. Stronger material is needed yet they continually go cheap.

Another hot topic: people abusing bridge cards. Hmmm wait a sec, more old news. Bridge cards, like food stamps, were originally designed to help poor people with buying the necessities of life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, there are some people who would rather do drugs, drink booze, or go gambling than actually support their families and they use this government assistance as free money to support their bad habits that probably caused them to be poor in the first place. Even if they did restrict where you can use bridge cards and food stamps, people will find a way around the hurdle if they really want to and continue to use them to support their habits. And you can’t get rid of the program altogether because that would hurt those who legitimately use the program for its intended purpose.

There was also mention of jobs existing but nobody getting skills for those jobs. Also sounds like four year degrees are obsolete. Detroit is still the most broke city on the planet. Still looking for eco-friendly resources. Blah blah blah.

Like I said, nothing too exciting, unless you like politics and talking heads. Looked like I was the only one who didn’t mind the work though. Kinda wierd that.


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