I Did Not Need to See That

Friday night and I have to make a run to the store to pick up a few things I’m running low on. I go to my local Kroger since it is the closest place to me that has what I need to go after. While there, I thought I would stroll the produce section and maybe treat myself to some fresh fruit or veggies. This location seems to usually have the better looking batch of strawberries out of the other stores I go to, so I thought about picking me up some while there. I go to the section where they keep their berries and saw a woman literally opening just about every container and picking through them, being sure to touch every one, before closing the containers and putting them back. I’m sure people do this a lot, but it is something you just don’t want to see in action. Personally if I do a quality check, like look for mold or rotten spots, I take the container and lift and turn and can usually tell if it’s a good container (they’re clear containers by the way). I never feel the need to stick my hand in and grope the berries. Unlike larger produce like apples and peppers etc., you cannot really wash these little guys with soap and water and a good rubbing to get contaminates off and they have all these little pores and such too. So needless to say I passed on the strawberries. No telling where that person’s hand has been and unfortunately it was not just the strawberries she was molesting, but the blueberries and blackberries as well.

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