Why On My Watch?

Semi crazy day today at work. One of my co-workers had asked me to keep an eye on the live sporting event we were broadcasting while he went to a meeting. This sporting event, a baseball game coming to us from uot of state, was in the 9th inning so shouldn’t have been much longer so someone was needed at the control to click off the live feed into our regular program schedule once the game was done. No problem there, the brain may still be in the days of tapes and dvds but I can click a few buttons on this newfangled file based gadget for on air playback and adjust the time accordingly if the game goes over, which it did lol. Anyways, the co-worker comes back from his meeting and the game is still going on, around the 13th inning. Long game already. He takes over again so I can do what I got to get done for a bit. Soon I’m needed again to babysit playback operations while this game is still going. He leaves the building as does my boss for a meeting she had to go to. Game still running but all of a sudden the channel kicks out of the live feed! I touched nothing I swear! Now back when I ran playback operations on the old tape/dvd based systems this would have been easier for me to troubleshoot the problem and take care of it myself. No more than 5 seconds after the channel kicks out, I get a call from the people in control of the production saying the game was still going so why did the channel go out and I had no answer lol. I grab my mobile phone and call the guy I’m covering for to alert him of the problem, luckily he was on his way back. He managed to get us back up in no time, but he also had no idea why the machine clicked off the feed. It was also a good thing that it was not a game deciding play that was interrupted as the game went on for another few innings for a grand total of 19 innings and nearly 6 hours of play. One more reason I just cannot latch onto baseball.

Isn’t that just the way it goes though? Something always goes wrong when the people who can help the most with the situation are away. lol


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